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Graduate Student Theses and Dissertations

Integrative Biology graduate student theses and dissertations; last updated 3/30/2018

Year Semester Degree Student Major Professor Thesis/ Dissertation Title Employment Since Graduation
2018 Fall M.S. Hoffman, S. Michelle Thomas Crisman, Ph.D. Non- Thesis N/A
2018 Fall M.S. Senkbeil, Jacob Valerie Harwood, Ph.D. Evaluating Human-Associated Escherichia coli Marker Genes for Microbial Source Tracking Applications in Florida N/A
2018 Fall Ph.D. Sauer, Erin Jason Rohr, Ph.D. Behavioral thermoregulation and thermal mismatches influence disease dynamics in amphibians N/A
2018 Summer Ph.D. Richardson, Jason Peter Stiling, Ph.D. The Effects of Gopher Tortoise (Gopherus Polyphemus) Herbivory on Plant Community Composition and Seed Germination, and The Effects of Gut Passage on the Germinability of Seeds: A Meta-Analysis N/A
2018 Summer M.S. Grogan, Shannon Susan Bell, Ph.D. Intraspecific Variation in the Recruitment Dynamics of a Transgressing "Avicennia Geminans" Population N/A
2018 Spring M.S. Garcia, Sara Bradford Gemmell, Ph.D. Sublethal Effects of Crude Oil and Chemical Dispersant on the Eastern Oyster (Crassostrea virginica) at Multiple Life History Stages N/A
2018 Spring Ph.D. Ortega, C. Nicole Jason Rhor, Ph.D. Flames and Frogs - The Investigation of Disturbance to Host-parasite Dynamics N/A
2018 Spring M.S. Voors, Sandra David Lewis, Ph.D. Linking Ecosystem Function and Phenotypic Variation in Spartina Alterniflora Salt Marshes N/A
2018 Spring M.S. Williams, Lauren Thomas Crisman, Ph.D. Setae and Grooming of Macrobrachium rosenbergii N/A
2017 Fall M.S. Langanke Kristen Christina Richards, Ph.D. Responses to Nitrogen and Salinity Conditions in Rhizophora mangle Seedlings Varies by Site of Origin N/A
2017 Fall M.S. Lobos, Aldo Valerie Harwood, Ph.D. The Bioleaching Potential of Filamentous Fungi to Mobilize Li and Co from Spent Li-ion Batteries N/A
2017 Fall Ph.D. Kilvitis, Holly Lynn Martin, Ph.D. Ecological Epigenetics of Avian Range Expansions N/A
2017 Fall Ph.D. Young, Suzanne

Valerie Harwood, Ph.D.

Jason Rohr, Ph.D.

The Ecology of Antibiotics Resistance: Sources and Persistence of Vancomycin Resistant Enterococci and Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Aquatic Environments N/A
2017 Summer Ph.D. Stinson, Charlotte Stephen Deban, Ph.D. Functional Trade-offs in Feeding Performance in Salamanders of the Family Salamandridae N/A
2017 Summer Ph.D. Robertson, Marta Christina Richards, Ph.D. Epigenetic Response to Challenging Environmental Conditions Postdoctoral Fellow with Etienne Bucher, Research Institute for Horticulture and Seeds (IRHS), Angers, France
2017 Summer Ph.D. Olberding, Jeffrey Stephen Deban, Ph.D. The Interaction of Scale and Temperature in Elastically Powered Movements Postdoctoral Research, University of California, Irvine
2017 Summer Ph.D. Feichtinger, Erin Gordon Fox, Ph.D. Beyond Age and Stage: Consequences of Individual Variation in Demographic Traits N/A
2017 Summer M.S. Cheatham Rhodes, Carolyn Gordon Fox, Ph.D. Spatial and Temporal Variation in Mangrove Distribution (1950-2014) in Tampa, Florida, USA Enviromental Specialist, Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute
2017 Summer Ph.D. Brown, Aaron Thomas Crisman, Ph.D. Freshwater Wetland Creatin in a Changing Urban Environment: Designing for Long-Term Viability N/A
2017 Spring M.S. Windsor, Rebecca

Gordon Fox, Ph.D.

Reed Bowman, Ph.D.

Consistency of Structural Color across Molts: The Effects of Environmental Conditions and Stress on Feather Ultraviolet Reflectance Technician, Archbold Biological Station
2017 Spring M.S. Hudson, Derrick Susan Bell, Ph.D. Zonation pattern and spatial arrangement of a Geukensia granosissima population in a mixed mangrove forest of Tampa Bay N/A
2017 Spring M.S. Gowacki, William Susan Bell, Ph.D. Taxonomy, Ecology, and Behavior of the Kleptoplastic Sea Slug Elysia papillosa N/A
2017 Spring M.S. Demko, Jacqueline Thomas Crisman, Ph.D. Land Use, Stream Stability, and Benthic Invertebrates in a Dry Forest Watershed of Western Costa Rica Teacher, Tampa, FL
2016 Fall M.S. Romero, Margaurete Luanna Prevost, Ph.D. Comparing Game Simulation to Concept Models for Student-Centered Learning in Biology PhD student in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Program at University of Tennessee- Knoxville
2016 Fall M.S. Kiskaddon, Erin Susan Bell, Ph.D. Feeding Patterns and Trophic Food Web Dynamics of Armases cinereum Across a Mangrove/Upland Ecotone Dauphin Island Sea Lab
2016 Fall Ph.D. Haggerty, Christopher Thomas Crisman, Ph.D. Importance of Forest Structure for Amphibian Occupancy in North-Central Florida: Comparisons of Naturally Regenerated Forests with Planted Pine Stands N/A
2016 Fall Ph.D. Cohen, Jeremy Jason Rohr, Ph.D. Climate Change Drives Outbreaks of Emerging Infectious Disease and Phenological Shifts Postdoc USF
2016 Summer Ph.D. Alvarez, Mariano Christina Richards, Ph.D. Molecular Response of Spartina alterniflora to Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Postdoc at Duke University
2016 Summer Ph.D. Brown, Terry Rene Kathleen Scott, Ph.D. Monitoring and Mitigation of Elevated CO2 Impacts using Microalgae

Fulbright Scholar, Netherlands and Great Britian, 2016 & 2017

Natural Resources Manager with Pasco County Government

2016 Spring Ph.D. Thurman, Paul Thomas Crisman, Ph.D. Vegetative Responses to Hydrology and Ground Water Extraction in West-Central Florida Cypress Domes N/A
2016 Spring M.S. Hesterberg, Stephen Susan Bell, Ph.D. Three-dimensional Interstitial Space Mediates Predator Foraging Success in Different Spatial Arrangements Ph.D. student at USF in Integrative Biology, Bell lab
2015 Fall Ph.D. Foust, Christy Christina Richards, Ph.D. Population Genetics and Epigenetics of Two Salt Marsh Plant Species along an Environmental Gradient Teaching High School, Hillsborough County Public Schools
2015 Fall Ph.D. Goddard, Nathaniel Thomas Crisman, Ph.D. Emergent Insect and Neotropical Migratory Bird Interactions and Responses to Habitat, Hydrology, and Progressive Urbanization in the Tampa Bay Region Environmental Specialist II, Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department
2015 Fall M.S. Wilber, Samantha Earl McCoy, Ph.D. North American River Otter (Lontra canadensis) Presence and Habitat Anaylysis in Florida as Compared to Historical Data N/A
2015 Summer Ph.D. Brace, Amber Lynn Martin, Ph.D. Drivers of Immune Cost and Implications for Host Protection from Parasites N/A
2015 Summer M.S. Sarah Burgan Lynn Martin, Ph.D. From Tolerance to Transmission: Linking Within-Individual to Community-Level Disease Processes N/A
2015 Spring M.S. Emerick, Adam

Earl McCoy, Ph.D

Henry Mushinsky, Ph.D.

Status of a Translocated Florida Sank Skink Population After Six Years: Establishing and Evaluating Criteria for Success Wildlife Biologist, Florida Keys NWR, USFWS
2015 Spring Ph.D. Halstead, Neal Jason Rohr, Ph.D. Impacts of Agrochemical Pollution On Aquatic Communities And Human Disease Senior Ecologist, Wildlands Conservation, Tampa, FL
2015 Spring Ph.D. Hyder, Jennifer Peter Stiling, Ph.D. An Investigation of the effects of increased tidal inudation, competition, and facilitation on salt marsh systems Assistant Professor, Spartanburg Methodist College, SC.
2015 Spring M.S. Mailand, William Thomas Crisman, Ph.D. Comparison of Gastropods Assemblages from Natural and Phosphate Mine Lakes of Central Florida Teacher, Gainesville, FL
2015 Spring M.S. Schwartz, Julile Kathleen Scott, Ph.D. A Functional Chlorophyll Biosynthesis Pathway Identified in the Kleptoplastic Sea Slug, Elysia chlorotica N/A
2014 Fall Ph.D. Habegger,Maria Laura Philip Motta, Ph.D. Functional Morphology and Feeding Mechanics of Billfishes Assistant Professor of Biology, Florida Southern University, Lakeland, FL
2014 Fall M.S. Penuela, Viviana David Lewis, Ph.D. Influences of yard management intensity on urban soil biogeochemistry N/A
2014 Summer M.S. Boruta, Martyna Lynn Martin, Ph.D. Early Developmental Impacts on Male Traits and Female Preference in Zebra Finches (Taeniopygia guttata) Instructor for Pasco-Hernando Community College
2014 Summer M.S. Ferguson Abels, Amber Philip Motta, Ph.D. Feeding Performance of King Mackerel, Scomberomorus cavalla Adjunct instructor at Tallahassee Community College
2014 Summer M.S. Hentges, William

Earl McCoy, Ph.D.

Henry Mushinsky, Ph.D.

Are gopher tortosies (Gopherus polyphemus Daudin) compatible with cows? Flatwoods Consulting Company, Tampa, FL
2014 Summer M.S. Mangiapia, Mary Kathleen Scott, Ph.D. From CO2 to Cell: Energetic Expense of Creating Biomass Using the Calvin-Benson-Bassham and Reductive Citric Acid Cycles Based on Genomic Data Lab Coordinator, Department of Integrative Biology, Tampa, FL
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