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McCoy Lab Graduate Research

Chandler EaglestoneSix-lined Racerunner

Chandler Eaglestone

Chandler came to the University of South Florida in January 2017 after earning a B.S. in wildlife conservation from Virginia Tech. She gained a variety of research experience during her undergraduate career, including using camera traps to study the impact of human disturbance on jaguars in Belize, as well as determining implications of in situ and hatchery nest temperatures on olive ridley sex ratios in Costa Rica. After graduating from Virginia Tech, Chandler was stationed in Falls Church, VA where she assisted the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in developing an online conservation tool, IPAC. In 2016, Chandler was selected as a Student Services Contractor for the U.S. Geological Survey Wetland and Aquatic Research Center in Lafayette, LA, where she collected data for projects concerning snake fungal disease and salamander chytrid fungus. Chandler’s master’s thesis will look into movement patterns of the Florida Sand Skink.

Office: ISA 2015
Phone: 813 974-8434

CV: C Eaglestone

Paul Weiczorek

Paul Weiczorek

Office: SCA 110
Phone: 813 974-4747

CV: P Weiczorek