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USF IB Biology Graduate Student Organization (BGSO)

2018-2019 Officers

The purpose of the Biology Graduate Student Organization (BGSO) is to serve as the official representative body of the biology graduate students before the university, provide a forum for discussion of issues and dissemination of information relevant to biology graduate students, and organize, promote, and conduct activities beneficial to biology graduate student life. The faculty advisor of BGSO is KT Scott.

BGSO has a Facebook page where you can keep up with graduate student events in the Department.

Chloe Ramsay

Chloe Ramsay: President 2018-2019.

Chloe studies how the interaction of multiple pathogens in a host (coinfection) alters the host's mortality, morbidity, pathogen load, and immune response. Using amphibians as a host and pathogens known to cause amphibian decline worldwide, including the chytrid fungus, ranavirus, parasitic nematodes, and trematodes.

Joshua Boling

Joshua Boling: Vice President

Josh is working in Ecological Epigenetics. He is applying Genomics and Epigenomic tools in marine systems. Specifically, he is interested in how corals are going to survive climate change.


Javier F Gallard-Gongora

Javier Gallard- Gongora: Treasurer

His research in Dr. Harwood’s laboratory focus's on public health-related sediment microbiology, ranging from wastewater indicator organisms to community perceptions and knowledge on water quality. Specifically, his dissertation is focused on determining the best methods for DNA extraction from sediment, the survivability of pathogens and microbial markers in sediment, and determining the risk associated with sand at a recreational beach.