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Career Research And Fellowship Opportunities

Postdoctoral Training For Academic Careers

In Biomedical Research At Tufts University

Fellowships are available in the Training in Education and Critical Research Skills Program (TEACRS) at Tufts University. This NIH-funded program is designed to prepare talented postdoctoral trainees with the career skills needed to succeed in academic biomedical research. Trainees spend on average 75% of their time conducting bench research and 25% of their time in career development activities that will help them manage the multiple demands of a faculty position.

Opportunities are available in a wide range of biomedical research disciplines. Teaching skills are developed through programs involving mentored classroom assignments at minority-serving institutions in the Boston area. The training is supplemented by workshops and seminars on teaching methods, career opportunities in academia, and essential skills such as grant writing, mentoring, lab management and scientific presentations. The training components are sequenced to allow trainees to balance the activities and to build on previous experiences.

TEACRS fellows receive up to four years of salary support and a yearly travel and supply allowance. They will complete our program ready to manage a successful research program, teach, and balance the multi-faceted demands inherent in a career as an academic scientist. Find out more about the program


The Smithsonian Institute Fellowship Programs

For Graduate Students And Postdoctoral Researchers

The application deadline for these programs vary, please see specific program information

To know the latest and greatest about Fellowships and Internships at the Smithsonian, sign up for their weekly update

Smithsonian Institute. 470 L'Enfant Plaza, SW, Washington, DC 20013

Smithsonian Office of Fellowships and Internships: 202-633-7070


US Fish And Wildlife Service Directorate Resource Assistant

Fellowship Project

The Directorate Resource Assistant Fellows Project (DFP) is a new fellowship program in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The DFP is designed to provide a fellowship opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to participate full time for at least 11 weeks on projects that meet the qualification of a rigorous internship program.

Participation in the DFP will offer the selected Fellows an opportunity to demonstrate to supervisors and managers their potential for success in an administrative or professional career field in the Service. Management may directly hire a DFP Fellow who has successfully completed the fellowship program and requirements for their degree program.