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Luanna  Prevost

Luanna Prevost

Luanna Prevost
Assistant Professor


Office: SCA 318
Phone: 813/974-7836
Fax: 974-3263


Personal Bio



2011-2013 Postdoc. Michigan State University.

2011 Ph.D. in Plant Biology. University of Georgia.

2005 M.S. in Plant and Environmental Science. Clemson University.

2002 B.S. in Biology & Environmental Science. Tuskegee University.


Assessment of student learning; automated analysis of student writing in biology; problem solving in biology; Graduate student teaching professional development.

Specialty Area


Recent Journal Articles


Honors and Award






Recent Publications


Weston, M., K. C. Haudek, L. Prevost, M. Urban-Lurain, and J. Merrill. 2015. Examining the Impact of Question Surface Features on Students’ Answers to Constructed-Response Questions on Photosynthesis. CBE-Life Sciences Education 14:ar19. doi:10.1187/cbe.14-07-0110.

Kim, H. S., L. Prevost, and P. P. Lemons. 2015. Students’ usability evaluation of a Web-based tutorial program for college biology problem solving. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning 31:362–377.

Urban-Lurain, M., M.M. Cooper, K. Haudek, J.J. Kaplan, J.K. Knight, P.P. Lemons, C.T. Lira, R. Nehm, L.B. Prevost, M.K. Smith, and M.A. Sydlik. 2015. Expanding a national network for automated analysis of constructed response assessments to reveal student thinking in STEM. Computers in Education Journal 25 (2): 65-81.

Prevost, L.B., H. Campa III. 2013. Student Writing Reveals Their Heterogeneous Thinking about the Origin of Genetic Variation in Populations. Proceedings of the National Association for Research in Science Teaching, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico.

Prevost, L. B., Haudek, K.C., Norton Henry, E., Berry, M. C., Urban-Lurain, M. 2013. Automated text analysis facilitates using written formative assessments for just-in-time teaching in large enrollment courses. Paper presented at the ASEE Conference and Exposition, Atlanta, GA.

Prevost, L.B., Knight, J. K., Smith, M K., Urban-Lurain, M. 2013. Student writing reveals their heterogeneous thinking about the origin of genetic variation in populations. Paper presented at the National Association for Research in Science Teaching Annual International Conference, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico.

Urban-Lurain, M., Prevost, L. B., Campa H. III. 2013. STEM doctoral student professional development in teaching: Outcomes of a high-engagement program. Paper presented at the National Association for Research in Science Teaching Annual International Conference, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico

Prevost, L.B., Haudek, K.C., Merrill, J.E., Urban-Lurain, M. 2012. Examining student constructed explanations of thermodynamics using lexical analysis, Proceedings Frontiers in Education, Seattle WA.

Haudek, K.C., Prevost, L.B., Moscarella, R.A., Merrill, J., Urban-Lurain, M. 2012. What are they thinking? Automated analysis of student writing about acid/base chemistry in introductory biology. CBE-Life Science Education 11:283-293.

Hurt, M.E., Moss, G.S., Bradley, C.L., Larson, L.R., Prevost, L.B., Riley, N., Domizi, D, Camus, M. 2012. The ‘Facebook’ effect: College students’ perceptions of online discussions in the age of social networking. International Journal of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 6:1-24.