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Gordon  Fox

Gordon Fox

Gordon Fox
Professor Emeritus (Tampa)


Office: SCA 330
Phone: 813- 974-7352
Lab: SCA 320, SCA 341
Fax: 974-3263
Email: gfox@usf.edu



Ph.D., University of Arizona, 1989
Postdoctoral fellow, University of California, Davis, 1989-93 (NSF fellow, 1991-3)
Visiting Assistant Professor, University of the South, 1993-4
Research Assistant Professor, San Diego State University, 1994-9


Conservation biology
Plant ecology and evolution, conservation biology, population biology, fire ecology

I do research in conservation, ecology, and evolution, especially of plants. I focus on two related areas: 1) population dynamics -especially on how populations respond to environmental variability and disturbance; and 2) the ecology, evolution, and genetics of plant life histories. My research has both field-based and theoretical components; one of my priorities is the development of practical quantitative tools for population biology. Many of my studies have direct conservation applications.

Current and planned research in my lab includes studies of 1) how fire frequency and seed dispersal affect regrowth of pine populations; 2) methods for predicting the regrowth of populations after disturbance, and application to fire-prone pines; 3) conservation and evolutionary consequences of among-individual variation in demographic properties. I work with my students to find suitable research projects,which need not be subsets of my own projects, and can be any mix of empirical and theoretical research.

Specialty Area

Plant Ecology, Conservation Biology, and Population Biology

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Gordon Fox