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Mission Statement of the Department of Integrative Biology

The Department of Integrative Biology emphasizes learning and teaching about the interactions, across all scales, among humans and other diverse organisms in a range of environments. These interactions mediate the resilience of natural biotic systems, and enhance the sustainability of products and processes that are beneficial to ecosystems and consequently to human well-being. Thus, our mission is to create new knowledge and promote learning about ecosystem health and sustainability

Department of Integrative Biology Vision

The Vision of the Department of Integrative Biology is to:

  • 1) Attain the status of the premier Biology Department in the State of Florida as reflected in the research metrics of per capita: a) grants and grant dollars, b) publications, and c) citations of faculty publications;

  • 2) Lead the University of South Florida in innovative and effective teaching and training measured by the: a) selectivity of our graduate admissions, b) productivity of our graduate students (publications, presentations, grants, and awards), c) average time to degree for undergraduate and graduate students, d) job placement of our undergraduate and graduate alums, and e) the proportion of courses that use pedagogical techniques that have been demonstrated to improve student learning;

  • 3) Improve the diversity, quality, and quantity of services that our department offers to academia, the University of South Florida, and the region, state and country.




The Department of Integrative Biology, as a department in the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics within the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of South Florida, will be governed by the by-laws detailed in the following governance document, which are in agreement with the Policy statements of the University of South Florida, the by-laws of the College of Arts and Sciences and the UFF-Board of Trustees Agreement. This document was drafted in a joint meeting of the faculty of the Department and has been ratified and adopted by the faculty as of January 23, 2014.
2014 Integrative Biology Governance Document.


The Department of Integrative Biology follows policies outlined in the Instructional Policies for Undergraduate Students. The University of South Florida has a uniform code of conduct for instructors teaching courses and expectations of students attending courses held at the University and a synopsis of this code is provided in the Instructional Guidelines as well. The Department of Integrative Biology Teaching Assistant Handbook is posted here.


The University of South Florida values academic integrity among students. The USF Office of Graduate Studies website covering plagiarism is found here. The University of South Florida also has a video tutorial defining plagiarism and USF's plagiarism policies.


The University of South Florida System (USF System) community is most successful when it is based on respect and fair treatment of all people. The USF System will strive to provide a work and study environment for faculty, staff and students that is free of discrimination, including sexual harassment. As part of the effort to create an environment which is comfortable for all people, the USF System establishes this Policy. Sexual harassment and discrimination are prohibited within the USF System, and complaints of such conduct must be filed with the Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity (DEO). DEO will review such complaints and provide appropriate response including counseling, mediation, and/or referral for disciplinary action, up to and including termination from employment and/or expulsion from the USF System. The USF Policy on Sexual Harassment may be reviewed here.


The Department of Integrative Biology follows University of South Florida policy concerning volunteer service for the University. Volunteer service must be approved in advance and is without compensation. The following forms must be filled out and submitted prior to volunteer service:

Application for Volunteer Services

Appointment of Volunteer

In the event that you may be traveling with a volunteer, please ensure that the Application for Volunteer Services Form is completed and submitted to the IB Office Manager prior to travel arrangements being made. If this form is approved, the Appointment of Volunteer Form will be completed by the department and forwarded to the Office of Human Resources for approval.


The University of South Florida sets visual identity standards that are the cornerstone of all communications that represent the University. Consistent use of the University's official graphic standards clearly identify the offices and Departments of this University. USF logos may be used in accordance with the purposes outlined in the USF Visual and Graphic Standards. USF logos may be accessed at the following link.


The University of South Florida System is committed to complying with all applicable laws regarding copyrights as set forth in the United States Code, Title 17, (The "Copyright Act"), and supports responsible use of copyrighted materials for teaching and research purposes. Please refer to the following document for any questions concerning the legality of copyright issues: Use of Copyrighted Materials Policy 3-31-2010


Every four years, the University of South Florida negotiates the Facilities and Administrative (F&A) rates that USF charges to research grants, contracts and other agreements sponsored by the Federal Government with our cognizant agency, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). The negotiations begin with a University derived calculation of the actual cost of doing research based on expenditures for administration, the libraries, operations and maintenance, interest, and depreciation/use of equipment, buildings, and building improvements. A link to the current calculations is provided here for calculating overhead in grant proposals. These rates will apply to all new awards and competitive renewal proposals with an expected award date on or after July 1, 2011, and are in effect until 2015.