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Message from the Chair


Welcome to the Department of Integrative Biology, newly formed in 2008. Faculty in the Department of Integrative Biology share a modern interdisciplinary approach to investigate the interactions across the levels of biological organization -- from cells to organisms to populations to communities to landscapes. Given that many problems and new discoveries of biological science will require efforts that address such interactions and utilize innovative approaches, both research and teaching in the department reflect this emphasis.

For undergraduate students, a newly developed set of concentrations provides a curriculum that features cross-disciplinary training of students while also offering courses characteristic of a traditional biology degree program. Faculty research areas of interest and opportunities for graduate student training leading to a M.S. or Ph.D. degree are diverse, and include marine and freshwater ecology; population ecology; plant-animal interactions; community and ecosystem ecology; conservation biology; ecotoxicology; biomechanics and functional morphology; animal physiology; environmental microbiology; microbial physiology; plant genetics, evolution and ecology of disease; and gene transfer.

Valerie (Jody) Harwood, Ph.D.
Chair of the Department of Integrative Biology