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 Stephanie  Rockfield

Stephanie Rockfield

Stephanie Rockfield



Advisor : Meera Nanjundan



Ovarian cancer is the 5th leading cause of cancer deaths and the deadliest gynecological malignancy for women in the United States. There is a dire need to understand the pathogenesis of this disease. Current evidence indicates that serous epithelial ovarian cancer (the most commonly diagnosed subtype) originates from epithelium from the fallopian tubes or surface of the ovary, whereas the endometrioid and chemosresistant clear cell epithelial carcinomas originate from endometriotic lesions. My project investigates the underlying mechanisms that are involved in the development of these lesions, as well as stress-induced pathway, contribute to their transition to cancer. In the future, novel therapeutic targets may be identified that could serve as a basis for developing improved strategies for treating patients with this deadly disease.