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 Nalvi  Duro

Nalvi Duro

Nalvi Duro



Advisor : Sameer Varma



Paramyxoviruses include notable pathogens such as Measles, Nipah, and Newcastle disease virus that infect both humans and animals. Paramyxoviruses use the concerted action of two membrane proteins to infect, a receptor binding protein (RBP) and a fusion (F) protein. Upon binding of the receptor, the RBP activates F to carry out fusion of the host and cell membranes. The receptor binding site and the f activating site on the RBP are separated by >2 nm. Moreover, experiments suggest that receptor binding induces negligible structural changes within the RBP monomers, suggesting that a change in dynamics may play a central role in signal transmission between the two sites. I use computational tools to understand the dynamic allostery that links the receptor binding and the F activating sites in the Newcastle RBP.