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 Emily  Mayo

Emily Mayo

Emily Mayo



Advisor : Margaret Park



My current work centers on the development of two murine models that will force expression of the opposing splice variants of CPEB2 (Cytoplasmic Polyadenylation Element Binding Protein). Past studies within Dr. Park’s lab have demonstrated that the alternative splicing of CPEB2 may be one of the mechanisms behind the regulation of HIF1a - a transcription factor highly expressed during hypoxia. The two isoforms, CPEB2A or CPEB2B, appear to impact HIF1a in opposing fashions. By exposing our murine models (one expressing isoform A, and one expressing isoform B) to decreased levels of O2, we will be able to study the role that these splice variants play in regulating HIF1a, and thus regulating the detrimental ailments that follow hypoxia: including pulmonary hypertension, leakage/edema, and tissue remodeling