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Stanley  Stevens

Stanley Stevens

Stanley Stevens
Associate Professor, CMMB Research Director


Office: BSF 167
Phone: 813/974-8146
Lab: BSF119, 121


Personal Bio



Ph.D., University of Florida, 2001


The overproduction of reactive oxygen species (ROS) can lead to unfavorable reactions in the cell including direct oxidative modification of proteins as well as reaction of ROS with other cellular components such as lipids to form highly reactive carbonyl compounds. In addition to ROS, reactive nitrogen species such as peroxynitrite (ONOO-) can also disrupt normal cellular processes through potentially activity-altering protein modifications including the nitration of tyrosine residues. Mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomics has become a powerful approach to identify and quantify these sites of oxidative protein modifications given the sensitivity and scan rate achievable by current MS instrumentation typically used for global-scale protein analysis. Our general research focuses on bioanalytical methods development in the field of proteomics with application to understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying cellular dysfunction due to oxidative/nitrosative stress. We are currently investigating the impact of ethanol-induced oxidative stress on epigenetic modifications that includes histone modifications and DNA methylation in various cell types.

Graduate Students

Brandi Cook, Joao Paulo Costa Pinho, Jennifer Guergues, Crystina Kriss-Manick, Daniel Martin, Richard Nguyen

Recent Journal Articles


Honors and Award






Recent Publications


(Since 2008)

  • Chaput, D.; Kirouac, L. H.; Bell-Temin, H.; Stevens, Jr., S. M.; Padmanabhan, J.; “Potential role of PCTAIRE-2, PCTAIRE-3 and P-Histone H4 in amyloid precursor protein-dependent Alzheimer pathology”; Oncotarget, 7, 8481-8497 (2016).
  • Martin, D. R.; Dutta, P.; Mahajan, S.; Varma, S.; Stevens, Jr., S. M.; “Structural and activity characterization of human PHPT1 after oxidative modification”; Nat. Sci. Rep., 6: 23658 (2016).
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