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Patrick  Bradshaw

Patrick Bradshaw

Patrick Bradshaw
Assistant Professor


Office: BSF 166
Phone: 813/974-6180
Lab: BSF 150, 151


Ph.D. Biochemistry, Ohio State University, 2001.


My research focuses on the study of mitochondrial dysfunction with age. Mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cell. Mitochondrial dysfunction is hypothesized to be a cause of aging and diseases associated with advanced age including heart disease, diabetes, and neurodegeneration. Protecting mitochondrial function is therefore a key strategy in disease prevention. My laboratory employs a multidisciplinary approach that employs traditional biochemical characterization of mitochondria, lifespan studies with transgenic mice, computational methods, and genomic and proteomic approaches. My group is working toward the following specific aims:

1) Determining the mechanisms that alter the expression of the master mitochondrial transcriptional regulator PGC-1a with age.
2) Discovering ways to prevent the increase in mitochondrial reactive oxygen species production and mitochondrial DNA deletion mutations that occur with age. 
3) Using proteomics to identify changes in mitochondrial proteins that occur with age and with the anti-aging treatment of caloric restriction.