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Bin  Xue

Bin Xue

Bin Xue
Assistant Professor


Office: ISA 6008
Phone: 813/974-7573



  • Ph.D. Nanjing University, 2005

Professional Experience

Postdoctoral Assoc.State University of New York, at Buffalo
Postdoctoral Assoc.Indiana Uni. and Purdue Uni.,at Indianapolis
Visiting Asst. ProfessorIndiana Uni. and Purdue Uni., at Indianapolis
Research Asst. ProfessorCollege of Medicine, University of South Florida



  • Proteins are major players of biological functions within living organisms. After being synthesized into amino acid sequences in ribosome as determined by their genes, some proteins may fold and form specific 3D structures (structured proteins), the others may not have single rigid conformation (Intrinsically disorder proteins, IDP) under physiological conditions due to high composition of charged, polar, and low sequence complexity amino acid residues. By using our validated prediction methods, we found that up to half of eukaryote proteomes are IDPs. Both structured proteins and IDPs have important biological functions. Many enzymatic functions are associated with structured proteins, while IDPs are more often connected with signaling and regulation and highly enriched in proteins related to diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and neural degenerative disease.
  • We are devoted to characterizing the structural properties of both structured proteins and IDPs, identifying their interaction patterns, exploring the influence of their interactions on biological pathway and networks, and developing novel computational techniques.
  • Projects include: conformational ensemble of IDPs; specific binding motifs; intrinsic disorder in protein modification; intrinsic disorder in pathways; intrinsic disorder and evolution; etc.

Xeu Research

  • Graduate/Undergraduate students interested in computational biology and bioinformatics are welcome to contact me
  • Research Assistantship is available for PhD students. Please send me your CV, GPA, GRE, and TOEFL (if required).
  • Teaching Assistantship is also provided by the department to support graduate students. Please refer to Graduate Funding page for more information.