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Independent Study

Course Credit Option

Students may receive a permit to register for BSC 4905: Independent Study after completing a written contract with a CMMB or IB faculty member.

For Integrative Biology Majors, these hours cannot count towards their major requirements but will count towards the 48 Hour Rule Requirement.

For Cell and Molecular Biology and Microbiology Majors, only 1 hour of Independent Study can be used towards their major requirements.

In order to be eligible for BSC 4905, a student must be participating in a biologically related activity and have a CMMB or IB faculty member willing to be their Independent Study Advisor. You would not be eligible for BSC 4905 credit if:

        • You are receiving payment for the project
        • You are receiving another type of academic credit for the project
        • You have already completed the project

Registering for BSC 4905 for Independent Study with IB or CMMB

Students wishing to participate in Independent Study with an IB or CMMB faculty member must complete an Independent Study Contract with their Biology major department (CMMB or IB).

Please email to receive this form.

BSC 4905 as Pre-requisite for BSC 4910/MCB 4905

Some students' USF or Biology Major GPA is too low to participate in CMMB/IB Undergraduate Research. However, some faculty are willing to take these students into their labs. One semester of BSC 4905 can meet the prerequisite for BSC 4910 or MCB 4905 so that students can demonstrate their interest and ability in the lab. The student will need the faculty member's support in order to register for in BSC 4910/MCB 4905 Undergraduate Research in future semesters.