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Transfer Course Evaluations

At USF, the science departments strictly enforce their pre-requisites. Therefore, course equivalency is necessary for students who have transfer science credit from a Private or Out-of-State institution. The course evaluation process is designed to ensure that a student has the necessary, foundational information to succeed in the next course of the sequence.

Every science course, taken at a Private or Out-of-State institution, must be evaluated to see if it is equivalent to the courses taught at USF. Previous evaluations by other Florida State schools, before transferring to USF, will not supersede USF evaluation results for all non-Florida State coursework. Biology courses often vary significantly in content, even if two courses have the same title. This is why it is important for students to initiate the transfer course evaluation process by submitting a request for an evaluation to the appropriate department.

When do I need to request a course evaluation?

  • If you are a transfer student from an Out-of-State institution
  • If you are a transfer student from any Private institution
  • If you are a transfer student from an institution outside of the United States
  • If you intend to take a course in the near future at an Out-of-State or Private institution
  • If a course you took at a Florida, Public institution does not follow common course coding

If you attended a Florida University, Florida State College, or Florida Community College you will NOT need to have your science courses evaluated since the course prefix and number should follow the Florida Common Course Coding sequence which will already indicate the correct equivalency.

What is the procedure for a Biology transfer course evaluation?

Foreign Schools: If your syllabi are in a language other than English, you will have to provide a third party translation. We cannot accept your personal translation.

Courses completed over ten years ago: If you completed your courses ten or more years ago you will need to retake the courses. Biology is a constantly changing field and, within ten years, scientific theories and laws change drastically.  In order to be successful in upper-level biology courses, your lower-level courses must be up-to-date.

There are two ways to submit a course evaluation.

1. If you are a USF student and have previously completed the course(s) with a passing grade of a C- or better, you will need to submit an official course evaluation. The Step-by-Step Instructions and submission requirements are found on our Biology Course Evaluation website.

2. The second way to submit a course evaluation is only if you, or your course(s), meet one of the following:

  • You are a USF student but plan to take a Biology course, in a future semester, at a Private, Out-of-State, or Foreign institution
  • You are currently enrolled in the Biology course and have not yet received a final grade
  • You are going to be a USF student in an upcoming semester (having already been accepted by the University) and would like to see what courses will transfer before you take them
  • You are enrolled in Study Abroad and need a Biology course, from that institution, to be approved for credit at USF

If you meet one of the above requirements then please send an email to with the following:
Subject Line: Transfer Course Evaluation for …. (whichever above reason you are getting the course evaluated for)
Email Body: Formulate a professional email that includes the following information:
- Your Full Name
- Your 8 digit University ID # (U#)
- The Name and Location of the institution the course is being offered at
- The future semester you plan to take the course in
- The course title and code
- What you would like the course to count towards
Attachments: It is then required that you attach the syllabus for the course so that it can be evaluated for equivalency. Please make sure this attachment is a PDF file.

What are the procedures for Other transfer course evaluations?

  • Chemistry Courses: To submit a course evaluation for a Chemistry course, please refer to the Instructions on the Chemistry Department’s website.
  • Physics Courses: To submit a course evaluation for a Physics course, please refer to the Instructions on the Physics Advising website.
  • Math and Statistics Courses: To submit a course evaluation for a Math or Statistics course please refer to the Instructions on the Math Advising website