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Permits are manually entered permissions that allow students to register for coursework.

Permits may be required to monitor enrollment in courses as well as to assist students with any registration errors.

Biology permits for Tampa campus classes are requested through the BioAdvise Permits Page.

The permits page goes live a week before registration begins and it remains open until Add/Drop week has passed.

Please allow 3 business days for processing your permit request. If you have not received a response to your permit after three business days, please reach out to us by email. Keep in mind, weekends and holidays are not considered business days.

Permits are manually processed in the order they are received by our office.

Biology Permit Notes

  • All selected topics courses (BSC 4933) require a permit to register.
  • Some of our Biology courses require a permit in order to monitor enrollment of that course.
  • Some courses are restricted to specific majors at the start of registration to give priority to students who need the courses to meet graduation requirements. These restrictions are always noted on the BioAdvise Permits Page.

  • The BioAdvise Permits Page is only for Tampa campus courses.
  • If you wish to take a biology course at USFSP or USFSM and need a permit, please see below:

Certain courses require permission from the instructor in order to enroll.

For Biology courses that require Consent of Instructor, a student should meet with the professor that teaches the course in order to discuss their registration.

If approved by your professor, Consent of Instructor permits will be issued by the department, not BioAdvise.

Time Conflict Permits

The USF system will not allow students to register for two courses whose times overlap.

You may request to have this issued overridden by requesting a time conflict through the College Office; however, it is important to note that time conflicts are approved only in very rare circumstances.

You can find the Time Conflict Form on the College of Arts and Sciences Forms website.

Overload Permits

Students are allowed to take a maximum of 18 credit hours per semester in the fall and spring and 14 credit hours in the summer.

Taking more than the recommended max hours in a semester is not always in the student's best interest, so it is important to fully explain why taking more than 18 or 14 hours in a semester will benefit you and your academic career.

Please keep in mind, your academic record will be reviewed when processing this request to determine your eligibility.

You can find the Time Conflict Form on the College of Arts and Sciences Forms website.