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Permits and Processes

Biology Permits

Permits for Biology courses are available on the BioAdvise Home page. The permits page goes live a week before registration begins. It then remains open until Add/Drop week has passed. Most registration issues with Biology courses can be fixed through the BioAdvise permits page, as long as one meets the pre-requisites for that course.

Consent of Instructor Permits

Certain classes, including all graduate level courses (6000+) and many undergraduate level (3000-5000) courses, require permission from the instructor. For Biology courses that require Consent of Instructor, a student can either email or meet with the professor that teaches the course. It is recommended to bring a Curriculum Vitae (CV) to such a meeting (or attach it to one’s email) so that the professor has some background about the student’s academics.

Many Biology professors also require the completion of the Consent of Instructor Form.

Time Conflict Permits

Sometimes courses may have times that overlap and OASIS will not let you register for them. Only in rare circumstances will USF permit students to register for courses that are scheduled to meet at the same time or during overlapping times. Examples would include:

  • 2 courses that are required for graduation, in the student's last semester, and where one course starts at the same time as the other one ends
  • 1 course has a required common exam time which students only need to attend 4 or less times throughout the semester

In order to be approved for a Time Conflict, a student will need to submit the Time Conflict Form.

Overload Permits

Students are allowed to take a maximum of 18 credit hours per semester in the fall and spring and 14 credit hours in the summer. If you wish to go over that amount, you will need to complete the online Overload Request Form.