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Registration Holds

Listed below are the common registration holds and general instructions related to the hold. If you need assistance, please email us at with your name, U#, and the code for your hold

AA Hold
This is a Mandatory First-Year Undergraduate Academic Advising Hold. It is placed on First-Year student accounts for the first two registration periods (typically Spring and Summer/Fall). You must see your Academic Advisor before this hold is removed.

For more information click HERE

If you intend to remain a Biology major, please schedule an appointment with one of the Biology Advisors. Instructions can be found on the Schedule Appt website.

If you intend to change majors, then you will need to contact your new major advisor to have this hold removed. If you are not sure who that advisor is, you can find their contact information through the Advising Contacts website.

AP Hold
This is an Academic Probation Hold. It is placed on your account if your USF GPA falls below a 2.0. You must see your Academic Advisor before this hold can be lifted.

For more information click HERE

Please follow the above instructions to make an appointment with an advisor.

AR Hold
This is an Admissions, Missing Credentials hold. Please view your Admissions record on OASIS to locate what is missing and turn it into the Admissions Office to have this hold removed. If you need additional assistance, please contact the Admissions Office.

CC/CA Hold
These are Cashier’s Holds. Check your account summary by term on OASIS then pay the Cashier’s Office to release this hold. If you need additional assistance then please contact the Cashier’s Office.

IM/MH Hold
This is an Immunization Records Hold. You must submit your immunization information and paperwork to Student Health Services.

MJ Hold
This is a Major Declaration Hold. Students must declare a major after they have completed 45 credit hours. Declaration of Major for a College of Arts and Sciences major, including all Biology majors, is done online using the Declaration Form.

PF Hold
This is a Parking Services hold and requires that you contact Parking services to see what needs to be done to have this hold lifted. They can be reached in their office location PSB 101 or by phone: 813.974.6890.

SD/SF Hold
These are both Student Discipline Holds. You will need to contact the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities to see why you have one of these holds.

Other Holds
If you are receiving a hold that is not listed above, please contact us at with your name, U#, and the code you are receiving so that we can best help you to register.