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USF Student Organizations

Getting involved in a pre-professional club is a great way to enhance your career preparation. Student organizations organize volunteer and shadowing experiences and club meetings often have relevant speakers who can tell you more about the profession or application process you will be facing. Many clubs also help support their members academically with tutoring, study sessions, and test banks. Clubs don’t only offer support in academics and career goals but they can foster lifelong friendships.

For a full list of USF Clubs, please see the USF Student Organization website. If you have a student organization you would like listed on our site (or announced on our list-serv), please email

Association of Integrative Medicine (AIM)

      • Description: The Association of Integrative Medicine (AIM) is a student organization aimed toward providing a closely bound community of undergraduate students and respective medical professionals. AIM strives to support students in their interests and personal journey into medicine, and to provide a community for future medical professionals through discussion and community.
      • Contact Information: Email:; President Name: Kalin Stoyanov

Biology Club

      • Description: The purpose of the Biology Club is to provide information and resources to undergraduate students with an interest in the field of biology with opportunities to further explore and pursue their curiosity and to encourage a positive interest and literacy of biology to the community.
      • Contact Information:; President Name: Matt Polner

Cell, Molecular, and Microbiology (CMMB) Club

      • Description: The CMMB Club is for connecting undergraduates and graduate students interested in cell and molecular biology, microbiology, and health sciences. It will offer opportunities for networking, community service, and serves as a way for students to meet others with similar interests. 
      • Contact Information: Email:; President Name: Samra Kazim

Chemistry Society at USF

      • Description: The USF Chemistry Society is an organization that is focuses on three tiers: Networking, Volunteering, and Bonding. We have biweekly meetings in MSC 3705, our own tutoring lab open weekdays, and many fun volunteering activities throughout the year. Go to our website below and follow our Facebook page for information on upcoming events!
      • Contact Information: Email:; President Name: Dallas Dennison

Global Medical Brigades

      • Description: A service and fundraising club that culminates in a medical missions trip to a country in need; where you shadow doctors, pharmacists, and dentists, run a medical clinic, interact with the local people, and perform a public health project.
      • Contact Information: Email:; President Name: Philip Hurley

HOSA: Future Health Professionals

      • Description: HOSA: Future Health Professionals aims to develop skills through motivation, recognition, and awareness to increase the delivery of compassionate, quality health care to the community. We offer community service opportunities, competitive events, leadership skill development, networking and more!
      • Contact Information: Email:; President Name; Kathryn Ospino

Minority Pre-Professional Science Society (MPSS)

      • Description: The Minority Pre-Professional Science Society is an organization dedicated to increasing the levels of minority student recruitment, admissions and retention in health programs and implement its strategies through committing to listen and respond to the needs of our members.
      • Contact Information: Email:; President Name; Raaven Goffe

Pre-Anestheiologist Assistant Club

      • Description: We are a club striving to equip students with the knowledge, necessary tools and experience to successfully achieve greatness in the AA profession. Our panel is devoted to informing and educating students at USF about the benefits and advantages of this career in today's ever growing health field.
      • Contact Information: Email:; President Name: Kira Guyotte

Pre-Dental Society

      • Description: The purpose is to help Pre-Dental students gain exposure to and knowledge about dentistry and assist through the application process.
      • Contact Information: Email:; President Name: Kyle Novotny

Pre-Med AMSA

      • Description: Pre-Med AMSA is a student organization that strives to ensure our members receive the adequate resources to build a competitive medical school application.
      • Contact Information: Email:; President Name: Kevin Petersen

Pre-Pharmacy Club

      • Decription: The Pre-Pharmacy Club is an organization for undergraduate students who are interested in any/all aspects of pharmaceutical sciences. This club is designed to facilitate and encourage the exchange of information between students and schools, while having fun and being involved in and around the university.
      • Contact Information: Email:; President Name: Rachel Fanti

Pre-Physician’s Assistant Society

      • Description: The Pre-Physician Assistant Society at the University of South Florida, Tampa, was created in 2007 in order to represent the many undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career as a Physician Assistant as well as educate students about the growing PA profession and encourage students interested in the field.
      • Contact Information: Email:; President Name: Amber Ellerin

Pre-Veterinary Society

      • Decription: The USF Pre-Veterinary Society helps pre-vet students make their way into vet school by offering them more opportunities for experience. This is done through lectures from local veterinarians and animal organizations, learning about the veterinary school admission process, and being part of a group of students who hold the same interests.
      • Contact Information: Email:; President Name: Luis Leon

Undergraduate American Medical Women's Association

      • Decription: The American Medical Women's Association is an organization which functions at the local, national, and international level to advance women in medicine and improve women's health. We achieve this by providing and developing leadership, advocacy, education, expertise, mentoring, and strategic alliances for all of our members.
      • Contact Information: Email:; President Name: Samantha Beland

USF Health Interest Groups

      • THE USF Health MCOM Student Council hosts many health profession interest groups. Check out the MCOM Student Council website for the wide variety of interest groups from Radiology to Wilderness Medicine.