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The BioAdvise Permits Page allows students to request permits for undergraduate courses under the purview of the Biology departments on the USF Tampa campus.

If you wish to instead take a biology course at USFSP or USFSM and need a permit, please see below:


If you wish to submit a permit for a Tampa Campus course, continue forward.

First, complete the student information section. Make sure your name, U#, and USF email are correct as incorrect information will delay your permit request.

Then check the boxes for the courses for which you are requesting a permit. You can submit multiple courses in the same permit request.

In Check Column:
= Select course for permit.
* = See additional notes listed in the prerequisites column for instructions to receive a permit for this course - these courses cannot receive permits using this form.

Permits are only issued to students who have met the below, listed pre-requisites.


At the end of the form, make sure to read each item carefully and select the appropriate answers. Again, incorrect or incomplete information will delay your permit request.

Student Information:

Full Name:

USF Email:

USF ID# (U12345678):

I am a:


Permits are only granted for the semester listed. If you recieve a permit for this upcoming semester and do not take the course, you will need to request a new permit for the future semester in which you intend to take the course.

Select the course(s) for which you are requesting a permit (Select checkbox for each request.). Please choose courses for which you are eligible and in the semester you wish to take the course. Prerequisites are STRICTLY enforced – which must be passed with a C- or better.

*AAAIMPORTANT NOTICEThe Permits page is not live at this time. It will go live on October 25, 2021. At that time, you can return to this page to submit your Spring 2022 permits!

Selection of this box is REQUIRED for receiving a permit. By selecting this box you are confirming your understanding of the Biology course permit process, including:

  • Permits allow the student to register for the course (if open). Permits do not register the student - it is the student's responsibility to register for desired courses after receiving the permit. A permit does not obligate the student to take the course.
  • Most requests for permits will receive an e-mail; however, students should use OASIS as their confirmation - the permit will appear on OASIS.
  • Requests will be processed as soon as practical. Requests for permits are NOT processed after hours or on weekends.
  • Permits do not guarantee a seat in the course.
  • Errors can occur on OASIS. The Department of Biology is not responsible for activity on OASIS.
  • Students with prerequisite courses taken at an another institution cannot obtain a permit until the course has been completed and student can provide documentation of final passing grade.

Please see the the Department of Biology web site academic course page for more information regarding Department of Biology course descriptions.

I will be attaching documentation of completion of pre-requisites to this form, if the courses were taken at another institution -

Please complete if you have additional comments about your permit request.

Note: If you do not see the pre-requisites for the course you are requesting a permit for in your Degree Works audit you will need to submit documentation showing the pre-requisite. If you have questions to what type of documentation then please contact us at

This can take up to three business days. to be processed, do not resubmit another request prior to this timeframe. Doing so could result in a delay of your request.

I confirm that I have read and completed/will complete all required prerequisites for these courses prior to the beginning of the term – Type Agree in the box below if you meet this requirement.