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A minor can be a great addition to a student's academic career. For science students, a minor can help to balance their heavy science schedules.

The CMMB department offers a Microbiology Minor.

If you are a Biomedical Sciences (BMS) Major or any of the 6 majors in the Biology departments, you are not eligible for the Microbiology Minor.

For other majors, due to the extensive nature of the Microbiology Minor, we require that you meet with the Biology Advisors to discuss this option with us, in-person.

The Microbiology Minor Degree Sheet can also provide insight into the requirements for this minor.

Minors can allow you to study other areas of interest to bolster your education at USF.

Students can declare a minor as long as it will not (1) force them to exceed their Excess Hours Threshold and/or (2) delay their graduation.

If you are interested in declaring a minor you should meet with your major advisor to discuss if you meet eligibility requirements (as noted above).

You can review all of the available Minors at USF Tampa in the USF catalog. This can be accessed online HERE.

The most common minors for Biology Majors are listed below: