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Biology Transfer Course Evaluation Submissions

All Biology transfer courses are evaluated by faculty members within the Integrative Biology (IB) and Cell, Molecular, and Microbiology departments (CMMB). These evaluations are for Biology major and pre-requisite credit only. Lower level, undergraduate, elective course credits (such as liberal arts, FKL’s or General Education courses) are automatically evaluated at the time of your admission to USF.

USF students must initiate the major’s course evaluation process by submitting their request to BioAdvise. You must have an 8 digit USF identification number (U#) in order to submit a course evaluation. If you do not have a U# then please return to the Transfer Course Evaluations FAQ page and read the Non-student evaluation process.

You must submit a single course evaluation for EACH lecture and lab you have taken previously. Therefore, if you need to evaluate a Biology 1 lecture and lab, you will need to submit two separate course evaluations with each syllabus attached to its corresponding evaluation form.

A complete syllabus has ALL of the following information:

  • The Title and Course Code for the Class
  • The Semester and Year the Class was taught
  • The Institution Name the class was taught at
  • The Contact Information for the Professor who taught the class
  • The Textbook used in the course
  • A Detailed Course Schedule with topics taught, the dates they were taught, and to what depth they were taught

If your submitted syllabus is not complete, you will receive an email asking for a complete syllabus. This will delay your course evaluation.

Instructions for Submitting a Request

  • Locate a copy of the syllabus for your transfer biology course. (If you do not have a copy, contact your previous institution and request one.
  • Scan your syllabus into a .PDF file. (one file for the entire syllabus)
  • Name the .PDF file the same name as your course.
  • Click on the submission button below and Complete the Submission Form
  • Attach your newly named syllabus file to the submission form.
  • Click SEND on the Submission form. You will receive an email confirming your submission.
  • Wait for an email reply from BioAdvise with the results of your evaluation.

Please Note: The course evaluation process can take up to 2 weeks to complete, depending on how many evaluations have been submitted. Please be patient. If you have not received a response in three weeks, please respond to your email confirmation with any questions or concerns you may have.

Keep an eye on your email as we may ask for more information pertaining to your course (s). This may include an unofficial copy of your transcripts, reading citations, or readable syllabus attachments.