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Welcome! We are so excited to see that you are interested in the USF Tampa Biology programs!

There are 2 biology departments at USF Tampa, the Integrative Biology (IB) department and the Cell Biology, Microbiology, and Molecular Biology (CMMB) department.

These 2 departments offer a total of 6 biology majors. You can review the degree sheets for these majors on our website by clicking on the buttons below:

USF is one of the top research institutions in the US. This means that all of our Biology Faculty are working on exciting research every day!

As a USF Biology student, you will have the opportunity to participate in this research, gaining hands-on experience in the field or lab!

Use the buttons below to explore all of the amazing research being done by our faculty as well as the facilities for each department:

There are some things that you, as a propsective student can do to prepare yourself as a new USF Bull.


Find out more about applying to USF, including all deadlines, on the USF Admissions website!

How to Prepare for a Biology Major at USF Tampa

  • Build a strong background in the sciences by taking Biology and Chemistry courses in high school, Physics if possible.
  • Develop strong math skills by completing Pre-calculus and Trigonometry in high school, Calculus if possible.
  • Complete 2 years of the same Foreign Language in high school


Things to Note about Accelerated Credit

Accelerated credit includes AP, IB, AICE, and/or CAPE credit as well as Dual Enrollment coursework.

You can review how accelerated credit is accepted by USF on the USF Credit-By-Exam website.

If you have completed accelerated credit, please speak with your advisor before re-taking any courses. We can help you to plan for your future and professional goals without repeating unnecessary coursework.


How to Prepare for a Biology Major at USF Tampa

We normally recommend that students complete all of the following before transferring to USF from another college or university:

  • Your Florida AA Degree
  • BSC 2010/L: Biology 1 with Lab
  • BSC 2011/L: Biology 2 with Lab
  • CHM 2045/L: General Chemistry 1 with Lab
  • CHM 2046/L: General Chemistry 2 with Lab
  • Math up to Calculus 1
  • Calculus 2 or STA 2023: Statistics
  • One of the following course sequences:
    • CHM 2210/L and CHM 2211/L: Organic Chemistry 1 & 2 with Lab
    • PHY 2053/L and PHY 2054/L: Physics 1 & 2 with Lab
    • PHY 2048/L and PHY 2049/L: Calculus based Physics 1 & 2 with Lab

Please keep in mind, it is not required to complete the above before transferring to USF; however, completion of all of the above will help you to graduate in a timely manner.


Important Things to Note

The following science courses from a Florida Community or State College are not applicable to a Biology Major at USF Tampa

  • BSC 1005/L: Principles of Biology with Lab
  • BSC 1020: Human Biology
  • BSC 1085/L and BSC 1086/L or BSC 2085/L and BSC 2086/L: Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2 with Labs
  • MCB 2010/L or MCB 2000/L: Microbiology with Lab
  • OCE 2001: Introduction to Oceanography