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The D/F Policy states that once a student receives 3 D/F grades (at USF) in applicable Biology Major or Supporting Science coursework, excluding labs, they are:

  • Redirected out of the major
  • No longer eligible to declare a Biology or Chemistry major at USF Tampa
  • No longer eligible to take Biology or Chemistry courses at USF Tampa

**Non Biology majors are still subject to the D/F Policy, however, they will not be redirected from their major.

**Please note, Grade Forgiveness has no impact on the D/F Policy.

**Any student who has earned D/F grades in applicable science coursework at USF, prior to Fall 2009, will have those D/F grades count as 1 D/F grade toward this current policy.

Any student that is redirected out of their Biology major will be notified of the next steps to declaring a new major, via email.

Students will remain in violation of the D/F Policy unless there is an approved change of grade that causes them to no longer be in violation of this policy. The change of grade can either come from a faculty member directly or through an ARC Late Withdraw Petition. At that time, students may request reinstatement into their major by emailing the Biology Advisors at

For the full D/F rule, please see the USF undergraduate catalog.

Exception to the D/F Policy

Students will automatically be granted an exception to the D/F Policy, if they meet the following requirements:

  • Can complete their remaining degree requirements in one semester
  • Have 10 or less credits hours of science coursework to complete their degree

**Please be aware D/F exceptions are automatically granted and there is no appeals process for a D/F exception, as a change of grade is the only way to no longer be in violation of this policy.

All undergraduate students are eligible for up to a total of five (5) course withdrawals throughout their academic career at USF.

  • Three (3) course withdrawals are allotted to students with less than or equal to 59 attempted semester credit hours
  • Two (2) course withdrawals are allotted to students with 60 or more attempted semester credit hours

If you are considering withdrawing from a class, be sure to contact Financial Aid to determine if this will have any impact on your scholarships or other funding.

You will also want to check in with your advisor to see how this withdrawal will affect your degree progression.

Per the Florida State Legislature, all students are granted a credit hour threshold in which they must complete their degree requirements. Students who exceed their credit hour threshold will be charged additional tuition (the Excess Credit Hour Surcharge, ECHS) on a per credit hour basis.

AP, IB, ACE, and Dual Enrollment credits do not count toward the ECHS policy.

However, withdraws, repeat coursework, and non-passing grades will count against your ECHS threshold.

You can review your threshold through your DegreeWorks. If you have any questions, regarding your ECHS, please contact your academic advisor.

Grade Forgiveness is a University process whose function is to help students get off of Academic Probation. This policy allows a student to retake a class they did poorly in, receive a better grade, and have that better grade be used, in lieu of the worse grade, to calculate their USF GPA.

Courses with S/U grading and FF grades cannot utilize the Grade Forgiveness Policy. All courses being utilized for grade forgiveness must be completed at USF.

The exact same course must be completed in order for this policy to replace the grade in our system. There are exceptions to this in case the previous course is no longer offered at USF.

Grade Forgiveness does not remove a bad grade from your transcript. Therefore, it does not remove a D/F grade from the D/F policy count.

To remain an active student at USF, you must be enrolled in at least 1 semester each calendar year. If you are not enrolled for three (3) consecutive semesters, your student status will be changed to inactive.

Once a student is inactive, they must reapply, and be readmitted to USF, in order to gain active student status again.