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Freshman/First Time in College (FTIC) Students

A student’s first year in college is the most important. Success in the first year is an indicator on how a student will do for the rest of their college career. Because of this, we, as academic advisors, pay close attention to this population of students. This includes requiring our First Years to meet with us before they can register for the next semester courses.

An Academic Advising (AA) Hold is placed on all Freshman accounts mid-term. In order to remove this hold, and be able to register for courses, these students must meet with their major advisor to discuss an academic plan, current grades, and career goals. To accommodate these students, BioAdvise offers AA walk-in times on top of their normal, set appointments.

AA Hold meetings are most effective when students come prepared to discuss their mid-term grades, what struggles they are currently facing academically, what courses they wish to take in the upcoming semester, and any other questions they may have. This will help to foster that all important relationship with your advisor that will last throughout your career at USF.