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D/F Rule

For the full D/F rule, please see the USF undergraduate catalog.

The D/F Rule Applied

Once a students have received 3 D and/or F grades in USF Biology Major and Supporting Science coursework they will be:

  1. Removed from all Department of Biology and Department of Chemistry courses which they are currently registered for in future terms. Students will no longer be eligible to take any Biology or Chemistry coursework at USF Tampa.
  2. Removed from the Department of Biology major and placed into a non-major, reselect code (This only pertains to Biology majors; non-Biology department majors will not be removed from their majors).
  3. Emailed the notice of the changes to their account.

Please note that utilizing grade forgiveness to repeat any courses in which you received D/F grades that are applicable to the D/F policy does not constitute an exception to the D/F policy. The D/F rule does not apply to science lab requirements (ex. BSC 2010L) or prerequisite courses necessary to take major requirement (MAC 1147 Pre-calculus).

Students who began prior to Fall 2009 will be granted leniency. Students who accumulated D and/or F grades in science coursework at USF prior to Fall 2009 will be allowed to count any and all prior non-pass grades as one (1) D/F grade. Starting Fall 09, these students can still receive one (1) more D and/or F grade in a science course at USF and remain a Life Science major. Any more than one (1) D and/or F grade in a science course at USF after Fall 2009 and these students will be in violation of the D/F Policy.

Any student that is redirected out of their Biology or Microbiolgoy major, will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Pick a new major
  2. Declare the new major with the appropriate college
  3. Register for new courses which apply to their new major

D/F Rule Exceptions

The D/F Rule application is final and effective immediately. To be considered for an exception, a student must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Can (and must) complete all degree requirements within one semester, with no more than 10 hours of major and supporting science requirements. Students will be automatically considered for this exception and will be notified if they meet the criteria.
  • No longer has 3 D/F grades because a Late Withdraw/Drop was approved for one of the major and/or supporting science courses by the Academic Regulations Committee.
  • No longer has 3 D/F grades because of a change of grade in one of the major or supporting science courses. (If necessary, please see the grade related question FAQ.)
  • If a student no longer has 3 D/F grades on his/her permanent academic record due to an approved Late Withdraw/Drop petition or grade change, he or she may request reinstatement into the biology/microbiology major by informing BioAdvise of the reduction of  D/F grades.  Email with subject heading “Biology Reinstatement Request.”